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Our quality Drum Locking Clamps, Sheet Metal Component and LED Brackets are better, cost-effective & durable.

About Us

Three factors which are considered by customers when buying products like Drum Locking Clamps, Sheet Metal Components, LED Bracket, Hamlet Clamps and Drum Locking Handle are quality, variety and moderate price. Every company engaged in manufacturing of aforesaid products is unable to put complete efforts in making available quality and variety at low prices. But, we, Saroj Engineering Works are unlike aforesaid manufacturers, we, as a quality and modern manufacturer give variety, make quality and charge moderate prices.

We are a long-standing company. It was 19 years back when Mr. Vishnu Sharma started his business venture. Soon after the start, company started getting big orders because it was our company that was paying heed to all the concerns of customers. So in no time, our company won customers' trust and positioned itself on the top.

Quality is The Reason of Our Growth

Quality never fades but is remembered for years. With this thought, we are presenting in the Indian market a fine quality range that is durable, cost-effective, compactly designed and innovative. To the customers we have served and asked feedback, we have never received any complaint for the quality of products. This hints our regular and consistent focus on quality making. The status of our company has increased by serving quality Sheet Metal Components, Hamlet Clamps, Drum Locking Handle and other products. To continue improving the status of our company, we promise to make and serve sheer perfection in the form of our faultless products.

Serving Since 2000

Many years back, when there was less competition compared to modern times, our company was founded. By introducing innovative products we had attracted customers to our company and even now, by doing the same, we are satisfying customers and winning from long-standing as well as new companies engaged in the same field. Since the year 2000, we have improved our organization in many ways. A few of these are listed below:
  • We now have better machinery for quality and mass production.
  • Our team is bigger and better.
  • Our operations are more fast than they were at the time of inception.
  • Our customer-base has multiplied three times.
  • Our production capacity has doubled.